So the 5.14 kernel is out, There are still 9(?) patches that are external to the kernel for C630 support, 3 related to the battery that need to be reworked, 5 related to the panel/bridge/backlight controls, and one to enable the IPA driver (LTE modem) in the dts file.

There are a few minor issues still, audio occasionally requires a few (up to 3) reboots, but it works, if you have the alsa-ucm-conf package installed from the linaro repository. Hopefully the configs will be submitted into upstream again soon.

Occasionally, the touchpad disappears when you come back from suspend. A reboot, or occasionally just suspending/unsuspending it will bring it back.

Currently would suggest using the kernel tree at current branch is laptops-5.14 - my 5.14 tree will be coming along, but I’m trying to frankenstein in some bits for the Lenovo Flex 5G on top of what is in the aarch64-laptops repo (merging in Bjorn’s most recent work) so I don’t want people using my repo just yet.

I’m sure there’s more stuff, but 5.14 feels pretty solid. There is one minor issue with the fbcon driver at boot, but someone is looking into it already, just haven’t had a chance to poke them and see how that work is going.